Monday, April 27, 2009

In Remembrance Of Bea Arthur...

(Better late than never.) Here's Rufus Wainwright's California, where he pleads, "my new Grandma Bea Arthur, come on over." I like to believe he wrote this, because Bea was some form of electric comfort via his television set during lonely times away from NYC.

He loves to tell the story of meeting Bea and spilling out this long, wordy tale about his including her in this song. The reason being that he and his Grandma really bonded while watching Golden Girls, and Bea, of course was their favorite on the show. Ever the sass-mouth, Bea just looks at him dryly, and retorts, "I'm not your fucking grandmother!" and walks past him!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry for my lack of attention, but-- um-- I got a job. Oops!

I have stuff to post though.

Like this!
Doing The Robot: An Android With A Familiar Face

Soon all those with social anxiety may toss away their cares. ThatsMyFace and MechRC have teamed up to provide a solution to rule out human interaction altogether: A remote control robot with a customizable photorealistic face. ThatsMyFace offers free facial analysis using two snapshot photographs, ultimately creating a statuette of the pictured face. This is then applied to MechRC's robot, which contains 17 precision servos capable of up to 180 degree movement ready to serve you. This new companion comes with 100 pre-installed motion files, and can be further programmed with drag-and-drop 3D software using a personal computer. Now Billy Idol's song can become your reality-- you can truly be dancing with yourself! The ThatsMyFace MechRC bot will be available in the Summer of '09.