Monday, April 27, 2009

In Remembrance Of Bea Arthur...

(Better late than never.) Here's Rufus Wainwright's California, where he pleads, "my new Grandma Bea Arthur, come on over." I like to believe he wrote this, because Bea was some form of electric comfort via his television set during lonely times away from NYC.

He loves to tell the story of meeting Bea and spilling out this long, wordy tale about his including her in this song. The reason being that he and his Grandma really bonded while watching Golden Girls, and Bea, of course was their favorite on the show. Ever the sass-mouth, Bea just looks at him dryly, and retorts, "I'm not your fucking grandmother!" and walks past him!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry for my lack of attention, but-- um-- I got a job. Oops!

I have stuff to post though.

Like this!
Doing The Robot: An Android With A Familiar Face

Soon all those with social anxiety may toss away their cares. ThatsMyFace and MechRC have teamed up to provide a solution to rule out human interaction altogether: A remote control robot with a customizable photorealistic face. ThatsMyFace offers free facial analysis using two snapshot photographs, ultimately creating a statuette of the pictured face. This is then applied to MechRC's robot, which contains 17 precision servos capable of up to 180 degree movement ready to serve you. This new companion comes with 100 pre-installed motion files, and can be further programmed with drag-and-drop 3D software using a personal computer. Now Billy Idol's song can become your reality-- you can truly be dancing with yourself! The ThatsMyFace MechRC bot will be available in the Summer of '09.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Holy Schmoly! Blender magazine has bitten the dust, leaving only two, Spin and Rolling Stone, vying for the spot as mainstream music's most shameful. I can't tell you how many times I applied for a job at this rag with this no response. Oh whelp! I suppose the saddest part is that their final cover has American Idol's Kelly Clarkson on the cover.

Being the first American Idol winner, Clarkson represented that even a small town gal from where-ever-the-eff-she-was-from could be a star, and live the American Dream. With her face gracing the cover of Blender's last issue, one could go as far to say that perhaps the American Dream is dying-- or maybe just shitty over-produced music fueled by reality TV shows is dying. Let's hope it's the latter.

For all those unhappy now-jobless pups who wouldn't hire me at Blender, I recently found this really cool artist, Richard Perez who can empathize:


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

All The Boys And All The Girls Are Dying To

I've always loved Britney Spears. I even dressed as her my sophomore year of college along with my dormmates for Halloween. (See below. Hit Me Baby One More Time Brit, Stronger Brit, and ME! Slave 4 U Brit.) I was always rooting for her in those crazy shavin' head times, through the weight gain, the K-Fed years, the Brit Brit, and the crotch flashin' party times. I look on her lovingly as I do Drew Barrymore, Liza Minelli, Lindsay Lohan, and Corey Feldman-- Hey, Dream a Little Dream was a great film!!

Now after hearing the new single off of her latest album CIRCUS, If You Seek Amy, I know my love will never die. Britney Forever!


I don't know much about these fashion-y fashion blogs. I look at 'em, but I'm not much of a participant. They often bore the living daylights out of me, but one person that has definitely caught my attention is THIS GUY:

Arlo is the son of none other than Mad Men creator, Matt Weiner, so who can blame him for having such great style?

Check out more pics of his daily steez HERE, and maybe learn a thing or two!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And Their Eyes Were (Making) God's (Eyes)

As noted the other day by Keren Richter, this puny economy has certainly encouraged me, and many of my comrades to pinch pennies and find new more cost-conscious ways of entertaining ourselves. I've always enjoyed entertaining in my home, and recently Leti inspired me to host a craft night, which I hope will be followed with more.

How to have a CRAFT NIGHT:

1.) Make some snacks!

2.) Have everyone bring work materials/refreshments; Set up work area with materials, refreshments, and example.

3.) Get to work!

**Some people might want to make costumes. This is okay.

** And some people may want to work on other projects. This is also allowed.

4.) Show off your work in an exhibition.

5.) OPTIONAL- Go to a party afterward to celebrate your hard work!