Friday, March 13, 2009

All The Boys And All The Girls Are Dying To

I've always loved Britney Spears. I even dressed as her my sophomore year of college along with my dormmates for Halloween. (See below. Hit Me Baby One More Time Brit, Stronger Brit, and ME! Slave 4 U Brit.) I was always rooting for her in those crazy shavin' head times, through the weight gain, the K-Fed years, the Brit Brit, and the crotch flashin' party times. I look on her lovingly as I do Drew Barrymore, Liza Minelli, Lindsay Lohan, and Corey Feldman-- Hey, Dream a Little Dream was a great film!!

Now after hearing the new single off of her latest album CIRCUS, If You Seek Amy, I know my love will never die. Britney Forever!