Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And Their Eyes Were (Making) God's (Eyes)

As noted the other day by Keren Richter, this puny economy has certainly encouraged me, and many of my comrades to pinch pennies and find new more cost-conscious ways of entertaining ourselves. I've always enjoyed entertaining in my home, and recently Leti inspired me to host a craft night, which I hope will be followed with more.

How to have a CRAFT NIGHT:

1.) Make some snacks!

2.) Have everyone bring work materials/refreshments; Set up work area with materials, refreshments, and example.

3.) Get to work!

**Some people might want to make costumes. This is okay.

** And some people may want to work on other projects. This is also allowed.

4.) Show off your work in an exhibition.

5.) OPTIONAL- Go to a party afterward to celebrate your hard work!